The Projects RH Ecosystem: Together we are stronger - Projects RH

The Projects RH Ecosystem: Together we are stronger

The Projects RH Ecosystem Together we are stronger - The Projects RH Ecosystem: Together we are stronger

2020: the year that brought us together in a great alliance for you

As we prepare for 2021 it is timely to reflect on 2020 and draw from it the good things we can bring forward into the New Year. For us, the key learning of 2020 is that people still deal with people and that we need to be willing to continue to grow. The revolution in video communications has shown that where people are is far less important than their willingness to contribute. 

2020 saw the rapid growth of Projects RH’s strategic partner network, as its clients increasingly looked for a one-stop multiskilled solution to their problem. Our approach to solving problems evolved as the market accepted the reality of the limited availability of CEOs and boards to manage even strategic matters which resulted in rapid emergence of advisory boards.

Given the changing requirements of clients, what we once thought of as preferred suppliers became strategic partners. Clients are no longer looking for piecemeal solutions but rather someone taking on the end-to-end project and, being responsible, we needed to nominate people who would deliver. Our set of strategic alliances evolved across 2020 with each partner adding a chapter to the ongoing story of Projects RH. Each has contributed to our ongoing success in 2020.

We also have a strategic group based in Colombia which are hidden source of an extra 12 hours to work each day. 

It is also important that we remember and thank our clients because without them we would not have a business.

The Projects RH Ecosystem: Together we are stronger

Our partners include experts in migration, accounting, funding, business, investment, capital solutions, compliance, communications, media-tech, project management, etc…

8 river gold.fw  - The Projects RH Ecosystem: Together we are stronger

At RiverGold Capital we are product of long association with Projects RH and their strategic partner business model. We believe that with each strategic partner focused on what they can do well and project management by Projects RH, the client gets expert services based on what they need and it is provided in a timely and cost effective way.  Most importantly for the client this gives them the best chance of achieving what they want their residence.

At RiverGold Capital, working with Projects RH and the strategic partners, we look forward to working with more people to see them achieve their wish to make Australia their long-term home. If 2020 has taught us anything, Australia may be a long way from many places but this can make it a safe and secure place to live and share prosperity with our families. Migrants can quickly become part of mainstream Australia. We love working with people who want to make this their home too.

1 rca.fw  - The Projects RH Ecosystem: Together we are stronger

Investment visas are about business, and at RC Migration, our business is to get those visas granted. We work with Projects RH, who talks the language of money and business.

If you´re looking for safe investments with good returns, upside and a pathway to permanent residency, we can introduce you to great opportunities.


3 link business.fw  - The Projects RH Ecosystem: Together we are stronger

In our alliance with Projects RH, at Link Business we guide our clients through the key aspects of buying a business in Australia, and helping them choose the best opportunity for their investment needs.

” When you’re looking to provide good quality outcomes for your clients, the ability to consult with a network of experienced professionals is absolutely invaluable.”

6 clark.fw  - The Projects RH Ecosystem: Together we are stronger

Trevor Clark OAM is a Senior Executive Search and Board Appointment Consultant with over 35 years of global experience across a wide variety of industry sectors. His assignments have been in all states of Australia, New Zealand and overseas.

TM Clark & Associates provides Projects RH, and its strategic partners, with candidates for board and advisory board roles across a wide variety of sectors. Trevor is especially good at selecting candidates which understand the stage of development of the company seeking to make the appointment.

5 floch.fw  - The Projects RH Ecosystem: Together we are stronger

“As long as the numbers stack up, the business plan is credible, it withstands the various risk management tests to establish risk and long-term credibility, raising investment funds is a straightforward process.”

This is what FLOC’ H INTERNATIONAL GROUP and Projects RH can do together.

2 the business plan..fw  - The Projects RH Ecosystem: Together we are stronger

The Business Plan Company works in close alliance with Projects RH, which has brought many benefits to both companies. New clients have been identified and referred each way, as well as and increased profile, joint marketing and participation in events.

Not only do we magnify the reach of each business in the market place, but also really enjoy the collegial nature of working with friendly, professional people.

7 clever finance.fw  - The Projects RH Ecosystem: Together we are stronger

Clever Finance Solutions has a valued partnership with Projects RH. Clever Finance provides access to traditional finance products for things like cars, houses etc.; Project RH has access to funding for business projects. This partnership gives clients access to a wide range of finance options for their business and personal needs, without having to shop around, saving time and effort.

2020 has been a year that none of us expected, and we look forward to a prosperous 2021 in being of assistance to mutual clients.

4 YS.fw  - The Projects RH Ecosystem: Together we are stronger

For Y&S Accounting it is very important to work with Projects RH because when we work together we combine our services, so we are able to offer better solutions for our customers, and at the same time we can achieve mutual goals.

 Benefits: Participate in webinars providing accounting and financial information, build brand awareness, share knowledge and expertise for our clients and in mutual projects, offer better and complete solutions for our customer´s needs, and Share ideas and resources to position ourselves in the market as leaders

 How they strengthen for a 2021: By working together we will be able to face every challenge in the coming year.

9 ISS.fw  - The Projects RH Ecosystem: Together we are stronger

Entrepreneurship in this fourth industrial revolution is a big challenge, so that being supported by experts in different fields is extremely important: Business Plan & Financial Structuring, Financial Sponsorship Consecution.

An ally for all required technological platforms to support the core of the business in the processes of customer value creation.

Thanks to the alliance between Projects RH and Handtag powered by IS&S, entrepreneurs with disruptive ideas will realize their dreams of structuring and positioning their companies in the market, accompanied by a team of experts in different topics, leading their businesses to success.

10 virtual c.fw  - The Projects RH Ecosystem: Together we are stronger

Virtual Creativex and Projects RH work together to provide their clients with high impact websites. Our focus is to provide clients effective digital products that bring measurable results for their companies.

We focus digital product marketing via creating online brand recognition and use of social media to get search engines to promote the brand.

The object is to provide our clients with an automatic sales resources that work 27/7 online on behalf of our clients.

We provide high quality latest digital technology resources and assessment cost efficient way.

11 york.fw  - The Projects RH Ecosystem: Together we are stronger

York Studios works with Projects RH to produce and edit high quality videos for corporate and product promotions. The former to assist with equity and debt raising and the later for brand recognition and sales.  York Studios works collaboratively with the alliance to both develop and then craft their audio – visual communications. The alliance creates a matrix of relationships that provides multiple perspectives that allow us to develop a deep understanding of your business and your clients.   York Studios brings experience and a willingness to recognise that the client must have the final say.

We are an alliance with decades of combined experience that guarantees custom-made solutions to serve your particular business needs.

December 2020

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